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October 25, 2017

IELTS is currently the world's most popular exam for those who want to study or live abroad and is composed of four tests: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. 

There are two modules, Academic (A) and General Training (GT). The Reading and Writing tests are different, depending on which module you take, while the Listening and Speaking ones are always the same. 


Training to get a high score (to be accepted by universities or migration programs) include doing (lots of!) practice exams, like these. However, I realized my students were struggling to keep track of all the volume of mock tests they were doing. "Am I really improving?", "At which skills or parts of the test?", "Haven't I done this test before?" were some of their questions.  


To solve this problem, I created this PDF file, which I called IELTS progress tracker, so that my students could print and organize their studies better. As you will see, it is very straightforward and you can easily get the global picture of how you (or your students) have been progressing. 

Hot tip: as the Writing and Speaking scores are somehow abstract and harder to assess (the criteria is available here, here and here) you will: 1) need the help of a teacher who deeply understands the exam to help you calculate your score, or 2) have to use other ways to record how you did the tasks (using a 5-star system or something of the sort).   


Please, note that this material is printable, unofficial and should be used for study purposes only. 


Hope it come in handy to you too! 


Click here to download it! 


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